Ju-Jitsu. A lesson in humility and people management.

To be honest, I'm not sure where Ju-Jitsu comes from. I don't know the philosophy behind it. I don't know anything.

The only thing I know is that I had contact with this fighting discipline while watching the UFC fights. At first I hated it when the fight went down.

It seemed like the best fighter always lost and nothing happened there. As time went by, I realized that a lot of things happened in fractions of a second. And recently, I started to consider Ju Jitsu as the martial art that demands more intelligence. From there until the inscription was a step. It was going to be easy.

At work, those who know me know that I am very demanding with people, and sometimes I lose my patience: I exalt myself, I gesticulate, I am raw. To me everything seems so easy that I don't understand how the others don't reach the same place, at the same speed.

Yesterday while I was lying in the Tatami, and at every exercise, I couldn't remember exactly what to do, my partner helped. I thought about who was working with me.

This partner, someone I don't even know his name, let me repeat the same exercises over and over again, explained calmly, displayed unlimited patience. I almost felt like apologizing for being so mean...

E então pensei, como seria ali no Tatami se eu fosse o parceiro experiente perante alguém com muito menos treino? Começaria impaciente? gritaria? chamar-lhe-ia nomes…???

E como seria se o meu parceiro experiente fosse assim? Como isso me faria sentir? Provavelmente ficaria tão frustrado que não voltaria ao Tatami.

Thanks to my unknown training partner and Ju-Jitsu for the lesson.

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